Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Week(s) in Review

There has been so much going on since I moved home and almost all of it has been great fun.

First up - Bachelorette party for Audra! Clearly Al and I were super excited. So excited we had to give a "thumbs up" pic.

On my way to the rehearsal dinner a sweet little old lady ran into me. She thought she hit a curb so she drove off. Really?!? I mean REALLY?!? Does that look like she hit a curb? Yeah didn't think so. Don't worry...I chased her down. Maybe it's time for her to stop driving.

The best part is she called me a few days later all mad because the officer gave her a "unsafe lane change" ticket. She was shocked. She said "How was it unsafe?!? I had on my blinker!"
Lady you RAN INTO ME! That would be the "unsafe" part. was time for Audra's beautiful wedding! What was my favorite part?!? Glad you asked. It was the ice cream truck that kept driving around with it's music on. I think it gave the wedding a certain something that no other wedding can now compete with.

Took the plunge and got highlights again! I're squealing with excitement!

Went to an AMAZING concert...
Taddy Porter.
You should probably be a fan of them.
Just sayin.

Yeah thats a fully grown man in a leotard. It's time for LUCHAPALOOZA!
Not gonna was super weird. I thought "Hey its a festival..thats gotta be great, right?!?" WRONG. Country Music and Mexican why did I think this was a good idea?

It's time for the Tulsa State Fair!
I haven't been in years. I forgot how ginormous the fair was...and how stinky people can get. Highlight....Red Velvet Funnel Cakes with Icing. Mmmmmm....Mmmmmm...Good!

A little enjoyment for you (but mostly for my mom and I).