Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm Thankful For....

So much to be thankful for I thought I would share...

  1. Sleep...I love it. I do it often. Lets face it...I'm thankful for it.
  2. That my sweet friend Emily Dupuis Powell has made it Full Term without any complications. God is Good!
  3. That the Easter Bunny AND Santa still visit me even though I'm 25.
  4. That I have 4 parents and they all offered me major HELP during my job search time just so I could relax and pick the job thats right for me without rushing into anything. Thanks rents!
  5. Obviously knew that was coming.
  6. That God has a plan and the plan is in His hands. Somehow it just takes ALL the worry off your shoulders.
  7. Having the BEST best friends a girl could ask for.
  8. Laughing...funnest thing ever.
  9. Having the boss let me have Friday off so I could get home (Tulsa) sooner...15 minutes after I drove in a horrendous storm hit Tulsa. Thank goodness I just missed it!
  10. Crushes...they make life REAL fun even though I'm incredibly awkward around them. For example (and this may or may not have really happened): seeing my crush walking down the hall in the hospital and literally running (yes running) down the hall in the opposite direction so he couldn't tell I was blushing. This also might have happened on more than one occasion. But like I said...this may or may not have happened :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Still On The Hunt

I'm Back!

I know I fell off the face of the earth for a little while, but fear not I have returned.
Well I made one BIG decision and I honestly feel it was the right one. I decided not to take the job I was considering taking. It just wasn't sitting right with me and I thought that might be God's sign that it was a no-go. Sometimes He has to kick me in the butt to make me listen.

Now what I think I want changes on a daily basis and often times changes a few times within a day. As of now I want to work in a pediatric clinic in Tulsa and I'm really excited about that possibility! I miss Tulsa dearly and thats where my family (well most of them) are. As much as I love the BIG cities with all the excitement that goes on in them, family truly is more important to me. Hey I can always visit those places, right?!? Hopefully one of these days I'll meet a sweet little fella and will have a sweet little family and I want that family to be in Tulsa.

So for now I remain in Amarillo job hunting. Sheesh I hate job hunting. It's the pits. I really will miss Texas when it's time to go, but I'm ready to get back to Tornado filled weather and humidity that melts your face off.

Texas it was nice knowing you.