Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Super Fantastic Randomness that I Fancy

This week has been simply wonderful. On one of my walks I started thinking about all the little things I've recently discovered and now I can't live without. So I thought I would share.

1. Warby Parker Glasses
Where was this website when I was in college?!? It's the absolute greatest concept. I purchased 2 pairs of glasses and am slightly obsessed (might be an understatement). There are so many great reasons why and I just don't know where to start.

A. They cost $95....SUH-WEET!
B. They will send you 4 pairs of your choosing for a 5-day trial run. They even send you a return label so you don't even have to pay for mailing them back. Some bigger cities have stores that have all the frames in stock and you can try them all on. Tulsa was not one of those places.
C. Once you decide on the frame(s) you want (because you won't be able to narrow it down to one), you just plug in your prescription on the website and your glasses arrive within the week. Voila!

Want to know the BEST part?!?
D. For every pair you buy, they provide a pair of glasses to someone in need. Amazing, right? So really you're giving while you're getting.

2. Workout Trainer App

This app for your iPhone is annoyingly awesome. Honestly I did it today for the first time. Holy Hotness Batman it kicked my you know what....and I was only on the moderate level! I completed the "Natural Booty Pops" program (the name was just too appealing to pass up) and I'm pretty sure my booty is still twitching from the massacre it just endured.

It's kind of nice having someone tell you what to do, even if its a creepy robotic woman who tries to say randomly funny things like "Hey got back." I happen to fancy robots so I quite enjoy her lack of inflection. O and did I mention the app is free? Ahhh yes...I only do free. Give it a try....please....misery loves company.

3. 200 Squats

Yeah....What was I thinking?!? Well I'll tell you. I've got a Florida trip coming up this summer. And that means swim suits. If only the world thought swimming in yoga pants was acceptable, but I hear it's frowned upon. Therefore, I shall get to 200 squats some how some way. It starts you off with just a few a day and you work your way up. Honestly I think it had me do a total of 50-ish the first day and it wasn't tough...2 days later I could hardly walk. So we'll see how this ends up working out. Wish me luck. Lots and lots of luck!

Coolest gadget ever....and I don't even own one. Okay lets back up. Pedometers are the bomb (and yes jaclyn..."the bomb" will be used often in our apt and you'll start loving it). The past 2 weeks I've worn a pedometer and it's amazing how it will change your mindset. Lets just say this old gal takes the stairs these days :)

Here are a few meaningless facts...
1. You should walk 10,000 steps a day MINIMUM
2. That only takes 1.5 hours of brisk walking
3. 30 minutes of walking is about 4,000 steps which burns around 200 calories.
4. A semi-active job only leaves you with about 4-5,000 steps for the day (not nearly enough!)
5. Walking makes you a nicer person (that might not be a fact...but it sounds good, right?)

So on to the FitBit. Its very pricey, but it just might be worth it. It monitors you practically 24 hours a day (if you wear it like you should). It works like Wii technology (3-D) which is more accurate than other pedometers. It shows how many steps, calories burned, distance traveled and how many flights of stairs you've completed. It also tracks your sleep patterns - it tells you when you fell asleep, how many times you woke up and how long you slept for. Pretty awesome if you ask me. You can also see your friends progress and have a little good natured competition with them! Have I sold you on this yet?!?

5. Flowers...

This is the wonderful flower & plant creation my mom sent me 3 WEEKS AGO when I started my new job. It is quite the champ! It looks prettier and prettier every day. Thanks mamma and Tim!

Gorgeous purple tulips from Whole Foods. This just might be my favorite type of flower...but I'll accept any kind ;)

And trying to get my annoyingly adorable brother to pose with the beautiful flowers. Needless to say he didn't appreciate the flowers like I did.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


So I've been in Dallas for a little over a week and I have loved absolutely every minute of it! The job is going wonderfully well. I work at a rehabilitation hospital and it's only about 15 minutes away from downtown. The job is fantastic and exactly what I was looking for! God is so good!

The weekend before I moved down here I found this little gem loitering around my car. Of course I lured him over with treats and saw he had a collar but NO tags. Excellent. So Humphrey and I walked the neighborhood for a few hours thinking someone would be looking for this sweet-natured-kind-of-scary-looking-pupster. one. So I called every shelter in the Tulsa area - that was a big miss. No place was willing to take him. So my sister (the biggest dog lover EVER) came to the rescue - Thanks Mighty Stepherdite. She let me keep him in her back yard, re-named him Stanley (I guess Humphrey was too cool) and kept him all week - not to mention she is highly allergic to dogs. He turned out to be a Houdini and escaped the back yard. She saw him trotting down a major street in Broken Arrow. Luckily all the good Tulsa samaritans pulled over to help her chase Stanley...even a motor cycle gang! Later the next week the owner finally decided to look at the paper and found an add I left and Stanley was reunited with his family.

Moral of the story - Put ID tags on your pets!!!
And they really should be chipped too :)


The move went well. I don't know if it qualifies as a move quite yet. 75% of my things are still in Tulsa in a storage unit. I just packed a few things and am staying at my dad's apt downtown. I guess I loved moving back in with my parents so much that I thought I would give the other set a try ;) It's been nice, but I'm excited to get my own apartment hopefully soon!

Things I've been enjoying:
- Walking everywhere! I LOVE it.
- Super yummy delicious places to eat.
- Reuniting with good friends
-This amazing storm that rolled in...

But I do sure miss this sweet face :(

Even when you wake her and she gives you the stink eye.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Adios Kiddos!


Finished my last day in Kiddy-Land today. Just in case you're in the dark...the last 6 months I've been working as a Speech-Language Pathologist at a Pediatric Clinic. Really it was quite a humbling experience and I learned a lot about myself. Most of the kids were amazing and I hope to remember their wise words I'm keeping track of them here!

My favorite kids really made my final week quite special.

A: It's my last day so you better work hard mister.
L: O you didn't hear? They closed Texas. I'm surprised they didn't e-mail you.
(then he proceeded to cast spells that glued me to the floor)


J: I'm just going to chain you to the chair. Then you can't leave and you have to see me.
A: How will I eat?
J: I'll bring you cereal once a day. Maybe twice. But you have to pay for it. I don't have much allowance money.

And other notable quotes...
A: Okay scoot back.
K: Douche Bag
A: What?!? Say "scoot back" again.
K: Douche Bag

The following week...
K: Douche Bag A**hole
A: I don't think you're saying scoot back anymore


A: What do you want to be when you grow up?
S: I want a big house, with a big t.v., and a sexy girlfriend.
A: S don't use that word. How will you afford this?
S: I'm going to create a show thats kid friendly during the day and sexy at night.
(then followed it with making his fingers kiss)


A: J you're a boy and I'm ______
J: My girlfriend!
A: No I'm a girl.
(then kissed me on the knee)


I will miss those crazy kids!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Out of Hiding

I've had 6 wonderful months spent at home with my absolutely super-fantastic parents. Contrary to everyone's beliefs - living with your parents as an adult is the bomb. I LOVED it and am pretty sure the only thing encouraging me to move out now is the prospect that I will end up 45 and single with many many cats lingering around the house. I mean that could totally still happen...but at least not in my rent's house. The one and only downside is that I completely reverted back to a teenager. I somehow forgot how to clean my room, do my laundry in a timely manner, accomplish anything after work or clean house...ever. I'm typically a very clean and neat person, but somehow that trait vanished the moment I moved back in the house. No rent, dinner on the table when I get home, not having to wake up early to take my puppy out (thanks Timmy), always having company, having someone take care of me when I'm I really want to move out?!?

In one week I will be starting an incredibly exciting new chapter - at a new job, in a new city, in a new state. I'm not scared...yet, but just overwhelmed with excitement. My parents have been so supportive of this, which has made this such an easy decision. I have fought this next part long enough....years even...I'm officially going to be a....Texan. That hurt a little bit. I have flip-flopped between these 2 wonderful states quite a bit - grew up in Oklahoma, undergrad in Texas, grad school in Oklahoma, fellowship in Texas, next job in Oklahoma, and now back to Texas. I have commitment issues or something?!? Very possible. I'm very serious about setting down some roots this serious I'm actually going to get a Texas drivers license! Woah I know I'm getting a little crazy here. One step at a time Ash.

So I have started this blog back up for my dear sweet momma so she can keep her eye on me. I love her very much and am so thankful she's allowed me to this 6 months to spend a crazy amount of time with her. First time we've lived together in 8 years and we didn't miss a beat. And mom - distance doesn't change a thing. We'll still be best friends :) And you are always more than welcome to come visit me when I'm ill...or want to shop...or you just miss me :)

Hey there Big City...Here I Come!!!