Tuesday, March 20, 2012


So I've been in Dallas for a little over a week and I have loved absolutely every minute of it! The job is going wonderfully well. I work at a rehabilitation hospital and it's only about 15 minutes away from downtown. The job is fantastic and exactly what I was looking for! God is so good!

The weekend before I moved down here I found this little gem loitering around my car. Of course I lured him over with treats and saw he had a collar but NO tags. Excellent. So Humphrey and I walked the neighborhood for a few hours thinking someone would be looking for this sweet-natured-kind-of-scary-looking-pupster. Nope...no one. So I called every shelter in the Tulsa area - that was a big miss. No place was willing to take him. So my sister (the biggest dog lover EVER) came to the rescue - Thanks Mighty Stepherdite. She let me keep him in her back yard, re-named him Stanley (I guess Humphrey was too cool) and kept him all week - not to mention she is highly allergic to dogs. He turned out to be a Houdini and escaped the back yard. She saw him trotting down a major street in Broken Arrow. Luckily all the good Tulsa samaritans pulled over to help her chase Stanley...even a motor cycle gang! Later the next week the owner finally decided to look at the paper and found an add I left and Stanley was reunited with his family.

Moral of the story - Put ID tags on your pets!!!
And they really should be chipped too :)


The move went well. I don't know if it qualifies as a move quite yet. 75% of my things are still in Tulsa in a storage unit. I just packed a few things and am staying at my dad's apt downtown. I guess I loved moving back in with my parents so much that I thought I would give the other set a try ;) It's been nice, but I'm excited to get my own apartment hopefully soon!

Things I've been enjoying:
- Walking everywhere! I LOVE it.
- Super yummy delicious places to eat.
- Reuniting with good friends
-This amazing storm that rolled in...

But I do sure miss this sweet face :(

Even when you wake her and she gives you the stink eye.


  1. Love the updates!!! Super excited for Friday..fingers crossed!!!!