Thursday, October 28, 2010

Welcome to the 21st Century!

I'm always slightly behind the times it seems. I really don't know how this happens, but none the less it does. Well I officially decided to give in and get an iPhone, but for all the wrong reasons. And none of my reasons are to actually make a phone call.

1. I want to play music while at my desk at work...thank you Pandora.
2. Words with Friends....completely addicting. I justify this reason because it is helping my mind stay sharp. Okay it might be a long shot. AshHolden is the name...lets battle.
3. Hipastamatic - might be more addicting than Words with Friends. The photos below were from Ruby's photo shoot last night. Her emo pics are her best yet!

4. Face Time - haven't used it yet, but I'm pretty excited to. The commercials always make it look so fun.

So these might not be great reasons to get an iPhone, but they're pretty stinkin good ones if I do say so myself :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Excited FINGERS!!!!

One of my very best friends in the whole world is having a baby!!! The O-So-Lovely Emily Dupuis Powell and her O-So-Wonderful husband, Jonathan, found out a few weeks back that they were blessed with a wonderful little nugget.

Aren't they the cutest couple ever?!?

I've never had a friend become pregnant before so I'm savoring every moment like a proud aunt would! She has been updating us weekly on how big the little nugget is and what all is forming. It's fascinating!!! I only wish I was in Houston to see all her crazy eating habits change, mood swings....swing, and watch the little nugget grow!

She is 9 weeks along. Below is her 8 week shot. She believes she actually has a "bump" already. Honey I look like that after I've eaten a hearty meal....or possibly before.

So CONGRATS to the happy couple! You'll be the best/coolest parents of all time!
Love you both VERY VERY much!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oklahoma 1,008,570 : Texas 1

Everyone that knows me knows that I think Oklahoma is pretty much the most awesome state to be from. Well it's only because it is true. I know, I Texans just can't possibly imagine a better state than Texas, but I'm here to inform you otherwise. Oklahoma Rocks the Casbah. Totally. How you might ask?!? Well I have a million reasons, but one BIG one just whopped me right in the face today.

First I must bring you up to speed. On Saturday morning my precious little Ruby woke me up and I took her outside to take care of her lady business. While we were out we saw the sweetest little stray dog running loose around the apartment complex. No nothin. Just out in the mean, cruel world fending for himself. Am I tugging at your heart strings yet?!? If not, I'll continue...

I persuaded the pup to come up to my apartment. I tried to feed him and give him water, but he didn't want any. Clearly he was a well taken care of dog at one point. So I put him in the car and we drove all over the place. I thought "Hey, someone probably misses their pup!" I couldn't find anyone searching for him. I then tried the Humane Society. Turns out they're closed. Who closes on the weekend?!? That is primo puppy adopting time! I drove by a vet...nothin (except rudeness, pure rudeness). I went by Pets Mart....nothin. I went to another vet...nothin. I went to the SPCA and they wouldn't take him because their dogs had kennel cough, but (and here is the kicker) a guy had brought this little pup in the day before. That means the guy must have dumped him again! Geez dumped not once, but twice?!? Such a travesty. The SPCA person told me just to take him to the pound. The POUND?!? What kind of person do you think I am? I immediately burst into tears. The sweetest older man standing in line behind me followed me outside and tried to console me (okay props have sweet old men). He took my number and said he would try to find someone. He even called me later and told me he called all his friends, but no one could take him. Very sweet of him.

I've been going back and forth on keeping him. I would love to, and I mean LOVE to, but I have to think responsibly. One dog really is enough. Ruby is like an only child and she is not a fan of sharing the spotlight. And I would totally play favoritism towards her. I know it's not right, but it's a fact of life. Get over it. At work today I asked everyone all over the hospital. I got one No after another. I've texted practically everyone I know...nothin. So I called my mom who always knows how to fix everything (and hates when I cry...literally she would cut off her own arm if it meant it would make things better). She attached his photo to an e-mail and sent it to her whole office. Good 'Ole Okies to the rescue! Within literally a few minutes we had one person saying he will take Mr. Bentley (the pup just wasn't answering to Aticus) and another person offering to foster the pup until a home was found. Ahhhh....Oklahoma how I love thee. So now I can stop crying. And Mr. Bentley has a home as of this weekend. Below is the sweetest little face ever...besides Ruby ;)

I'm not the only one that thinks this either:

"I've spent most of my life living in cities where people are obsessed with looking down on people from everywhere else. You get so used to doing it that you start to believe it's simply what everyone does. It makes for an atmosphere of unwelcome that penetrates much of our modern life. It's a shame really because a couple days in Oklahoma will open your eyes to how much better it would be if the rest of the country was filled with a few more people from Oklahoma."

-Adam Duritz
(Counting Crows)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Wonderful World of Ruby

Okay as many of you are aware I'm completely obsessed with my pup. There are so many reasons I love her, but one of my favorites is because of her hair. I know I know...I just sound plain creepy. Reasons why her hair is wonderful (because I'm sure you care):

A) She hardly sheds...I mean you seriously have to bust out the magnifying glass to even find it.

2. I don't have to buy her special puppy shampoo. I just wash her hair with whatever I use. She is a fan of Pantene ProV Shine Blast....she loves her locks to glow! (and I totally condition her hair too....thats slightly embarassing to admit)

III. My perfume always stays on her hair for longer than it stays on me! She gets many compliments on her choice of fragrance.

Cuatro) Her hair doesn't grow fast AT ALL! She just turned 2 and she has only had 2 haircuts her whole life. One of those was done by yours truly...I won't be doing that again. The hair on top of her head has never EVER been cut. Why you might ask? Well that brings me to point #5...

#5 Ruby has the absolute best hair styles EVER! She does some of the best impressions I have personally ever seen a dog do. The following pictures demonstrate some of her best work (but the camera truly freaks her out so getting her to stay still is quite the challenge):

The Mohawk

Mad Scientist

Conan O'Brien

The Nerd "Part-Your-Hair-Down-The-Middle" Look

Her personal favorite - The Fu Man Chu
(She has this wonderful mustache/beard effect every time she drinks water. I couldn't get a good picture of it. It's hysterical. You'll just need to see it for yourself sometime)

The "Morning After Having A Little Too Much Fun At The Bar" look

She also does a pretty mean Donald Trump and Comb Over look. I tried to get pictures of those, but she informed me I was pushing my luck and better back off before she opens a can (her words, not mine).

And my new favorite picture of my sweet little Ruby Shoes. I know what you're thinking. No you cannot have her.