Sunday, November 21, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Ever since the brief moment we had of snow, I have had Christmas on the brain! Every year I make myself wait till after Thanksgiving to go full out Christmas Crazy because that is what is accepted. Well this year I simply said screw that (excuse my french)! If I want to start celebrating Christmas, then I can. The wonderful weather we had this weekend (in the 70s...really?) tried to deter my decorating plans, but it did not succeed!.

First I figured out how to u
se my fireplace. Seems simple. Well maybe for you. After many failed attempts I just finally went out and bought a starter log. A fire is a fire...who cares if you cheat a little bit. I hung my lonely little stocking made for me in college by one of my best friends Emily. I also changed out my Scentsy warmers for Christmas scents (Cozy Fireside and Rustic Lodge mmmm.....)

My Mom is the best wreath designer I know so she made me this one a few years back. It's looking a little shabby after being stuffed in quite a few boxes and going through quite a few moves. A few pine cones are missing, but the glue still remains. Mom- we might need to make this a Thanksgiving project :)

Next I busted out the Christmas tree. My favorite part! Luckily it's already pre-lit or it wouldn't be my favorite part. Even better was when I opened the box of ornaments I realized I had left all the hooks from last year on the ornaments....such a smart girl I am! And yes...that is an elf hat as my tree topper - don't be jealous.

The reason why I love putting up the christmas tree is because I get to see all my favorite ornaments. I don't have too many, but here are a few of my favorites. This handsome little ice cube snow man was given to me by my best friend Jaclyn our sophomore year of college (2005 - sheesh that seems like a long time ago). His name is Frank.

I have a tiny obsession with pigs. Well fake ones....or miniature ones. I bought this one last year to start my ornament collecting. He has shoes on....thats awesome.

And this year I bought an ornament to signify my time here in Amarillo. It's a cow because this place always smells like cow poo...


And for those of you who live in Amarillo...


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Winter Wonderland

On Thursday my advisor and I were comparing Oklahoma and Texas crazy weather stories. She informed me that the Panhandle of Texas experiences some crazy phenomenon called "Thunder Snow." What is this you may ask? It is basically a Thunder Storm, but instead of torrential rain you have torrential snow along with thunder and lightening. Little did I know I would get to experience it that next morning. Around 5:00 the thunder was so bad that it was setting off all the car alarms in my apartment complex. I looked out the window to this beautiful site:

I believe the weather people called for a flurry or two. Not sure what weather map they were looking at. I got all excited and my first thought was "O Yay School is canceled!" And then I realized I'm old...and it no longer has any effect on me whether or not school is canceled. It also turns out that hospitals don't close for snow days. Crazy I know.

This was my drive into work:

When I got to work I fishtailed immediately (thanks rear wheel drive), but I somehow made it to the parking lot. Then my car decided to drive for me. Thanks again rear wheel drive. It no longer decided to go forward, it only wanted to slide backwards. So I decided what the heck go for it and see where my car takes me. I just let it slide all the way back till I hit something (luckily it was just a curb....well at least I hope it was). The snow was quite thick and there were no other cars at the time so I had nothing to gage my awesome parking job from. I had no choice but to leave it there. Is it bad that my first thought was "Thank goodness my parents still pay my car insurance!"

Once work was over the snow had melted from the parking lots. I was a little leery about seeing the condition of my car. To my dismay my parking job was even better than when I get to actually control the parking (grey car in the middle)!

There is still snow on the ground and the roof tops of people's houses. This week should be a good one!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Little Ways God Shows He LOVES Me!

It's the little things in life that I love the most....and God has a way of slipping them into my day! A few weeks ago I was quite the grumpy gus. Seriously, I apologize for whoever I complained to over...and over...and over. I decided to start focusing on the little gifts God blesses me with and immediately I had a major 'tude' adjustment. Then I realized He has always been blessing me with gifts on a daily basis, but I didn't take the time to notice it. So now I'm turning a new leaf and appreciating the little things He does for me (and the big ones).
A few of my favorites:

1. My sweet puppy in the morning when she stretches and groans just because she hates getting up as much as I do.
2. The Rain (which I'm enjoying at this very moment)
3. The smell of chimneys being used
4. Babies laughing so hard that their eyes look like they might bug out of their head
5. Hot Baths (just had was awesome)
6. The creator of Lush who created the lovely little balls that you put in your bath (didn't have one of those tonight....thats a special weekend treat)
7. The random stores that play Christmas Music right after Halloween....I don't judge when it comes to Christmas music
8. When the light bulb turns on with patients in therapy
9. The Green House Effect in your car on a hot day. Absolute bliss.
10. Seeing old couples (like real old) holding hands....precious, just precious.
11. When your all time favorite song randomly comes on (Mine would be Shiver by Coldplay)
12. The crazy amount of "best friends" I have. I had to start giving them longer titles, such as "Best Friend from Home," or "Best Girl Friends from College," or "Grad School Best Friend," or "Best BEST Friend (you know who you are)." The list just goes on and on.
13. Random texts from my brother with the greatest questions. Like "Hey Ash, is it okay to wash sheets?" or "Hey Ash, is it okay to put ice in wine? Or is that too trashy?" or "Hey Ash, how important is Health Insurance? Do I really need it while I'm in college?"
14. Hugs....hugs from anyone really (okay maybe not anyone). A good solid hug is the best thing ever.
15. Thunder
16. People smiling. It's so simple yet so many people don't do it. When I find those people that don't smile (like doctors at the hospital....they're notorious non-smilers geez) I like to make it a mission to eventually get them to smile at me. Maybe thats why I smile literally all the time! It makes my day better so I figure it might make other people's days better.

I would love to know how God shows you he loves you :)