Sunday, November 21, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Ever since the brief moment we had of snow, I have had Christmas on the brain! Every year I make myself wait till after Thanksgiving to go full out Christmas Crazy because that is what is accepted. Well this year I simply said screw that (excuse my french)! If I want to start celebrating Christmas, then I can. The wonderful weather we had this weekend (in the 70s...really?) tried to deter my decorating plans, but it did not succeed!.

First I figured out how to u
se my fireplace. Seems simple. Well maybe for you. After many failed attempts I just finally went out and bought a starter log. A fire is a fire...who cares if you cheat a little bit. I hung my lonely little stocking made for me in college by one of my best friends Emily. I also changed out my Scentsy warmers for Christmas scents (Cozy Fireside and Rustic Lodge mmmm.....)

My Mom is the best wreath designer I know so she made me this one a few years back. It's looking a little shabby after being stuffed in quite a few boxes and going through quite a few moves. A few pine cones are missing, but the glue still remains. Mom- we might need to make this a Thanksgiving project :)

Next I busted out the Christmas tree. My favorite part! Luckily it's already pre-lit or it wouldn't be my favorite part. Even better was when I opened the box of ornaments I realized I had left all the hooks from last year on the ornaments....such a smart girl I am! And yes...that is an elf hat as my tree topper - don't be jealous.

The reason why I love putting up the christmas tree is because I get to see all my favorite ornaments. I don't have too many, but here are a few of my favorites. This handsome little ice cube snow man was given to me by my best friend Jaclyn our sophomore year of college (2005 - sheesh that seems like a long time ago). His name is Frank.

I have a tiny obsession with pigs. Well fake ones....or miniature ones. I bought this one last year to start my ornament collecting. He has shoes on....thats awesome.

And this year I bought an ornament to signify my time here in Amarillo. It's a cow because this place always smells like cow poo...


And for those of you who live in Amarillo...



  1. YAY for Christmas! I've been listening to Christmas music since about...OCTOBER! Don't tell anyone though. AND, I lost my ice cube santa ornament thing in my final move from waco to Houston...ugh!!!

  2. I love it! I am going to try today to at least grab all my decorations from my parent's house. Maybe you will add a Houston ornament in the near future!!!!