Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post Christmas Laughs

This years Christmas was wonderful of course! Santa brought me everything I wanted. Man she...I mean he is good! There were some pretty hilarious conversations floating from house to house that I just must share (Or maybe you just had to be there).

Story 1
Starring Ponder Deborah Babbington
(little toe head on the left)
Age: 3
Interests: Playing her Dora piano and watching the Old Man Movie (a.k.a. "Up")

Laura: Ponder you're so silly!
Ponder jumps up and stomps over to Yaya (her grandma)
Ponder: I am NOT silly! You no say I'm silly! I AM NOT SILLY!
Jenny Lynn (her mother) trying to calm her little one down so Ponder turns to her...
Ponder: I am NOT silly! She say I'm silly....I'M Not Silly!
Ponder then turns back to Yaya and continues to shake her finger and yell at her (and probably use some choice words if she knew any)
Ponder: I AM NOT SILLY! Monsters are silly, I'm a big girl! I'M NOT SILLY!

And scene.
Who knew "silly" was equivalent to the "B" word to a 3-year old.

Story 2:
Starring: Afton Adelle Babbington
(cute little brunette on the right)
Interests: Singing bible songs at night, playing with her pink camera, and loving every person she sees!
Setting: Christmas Day after opening gifts right before lunch....or so we thought.

And Action
Afton's Mom & Dad: Okay girls it's time to eat lunch.
Afton: WHAT?!? We can't eat LUNCH before BREAKFAST! (Cue some serious alligator tears)
Mom & Dad: Well it's close to lunch so we're just going to eat lunch.
Afton: (continuing to ball/hyperventilate) We CAN'T have lunch if we don't have breakfast! NOOOOO!!!!! We didn't have breakfast we can't have lunch! (Insert a lot of unintelligible words here due to the hyperventilation).
Mom & Dad: We can just skip breakfast and just eat lunch
Afton: NOOOOOOO!!!! We can't do that!

Story 2 cont:
Setting: sitting at the breakfast table eating a very tiny bowl of cheerios for "breakfast" right before she has a PB&J for "lunch." Little Afton over hears her mom talking to her Yaya.
And Action!

Jenny Lynn: Hey mom can we set up Rose's (Afton's littlest sister) bed in your closet so it's quiet?
Afton: WHAT?!?!? (Insert more Crocodile tears and unintellible balling) You can't put people in CLOSETS! People sleep in rooms! No not closets! Don't make her go there. People go in rooms!

And Scene. Gotta love the drama.

Story #3
Starring: Tyler and Myself
Age: 10 & 24
Interest: Legos, Spongebob, Pens, and Video Games

Me: Tyler Austin you better stop being a toot or Santa isn't going to come see you tonight.
TT: He's not real.
Me: O (awkward pause.....) Who told you?
TT: Nana and Papa. But I already knew.
Me: O really? How is that?
TT: Because Santa never gives gifts to poor people. It just makes sense.
Me: Good call.

And Scene.

Hope everyone had a Holly Jolly Holiday!

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  1. you're the only person I know who says, "toot" and is over the age of 4