Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dallas BIRTHDAY weekend!

This weekend myself and a few of my very favorite girls went to Dallas and it was one word - AMAZING! I'm pretty positive I would have fun with them in a sewer, but I rather not test that out. We had originally planned on driving down on Thursday after work to make it to an Amos Lee concert, but stupid weather got in the way (don't worry Amos - we'll hit you up next time). I'm shaking my fist (not to be confused with fist pumping...I do NOT fist pump) at winter right now! So we drove down on Friday in time to make it to one of my favorite things EVER.....

Dallas Stars vs. Chicago Black Hawks

It was A-MAZ-ING! Typically a game is just 3 periods...this one went into 5!

And the games they play in between periods are just icing on the cake!
Yep those are grown men dressed up as beer bottles about to go thru an obstacle course.

Human Bowling!

Saturday we did what every girl does in Dallas....SHOP!
I made my dear sweet friend, Stephanie, be subjected to a MAC makeover and
she was quite the trooper!
The MAC lady was great...she didn't do the typical MAC tranny look at all!

VOILA! Doesn't she look beautiful?!?

Hmmm....what should we do next....

Christie and I tried to peer pressure the other two into joining us.
Didn't work....this time.

My new one is the wrist on the far right. It's a dove and I'm in love with it! It symbolizes my faith. And supposedly European Superstition believes the devil and witches can turn into any bird BUT the dove.

Good. To. Know.

Not gonna lie...this one hurt much more than the last! My other one (the wrist on the far left) is my favorite bible verse - Proverbs 3:5 & 6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
And lean not on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him
and he will direct your path.

Christie Lou had "dum spiro spero" on her wrist which is Latin for
"While I breath, I hope."

Why my wrist? It wont stretch when I'm pregnant. Yeah...thats pretty much it. And in case you were wondering, yes I know it's permanent.

Still smiling after its all said and done!

Jac got one too!!!
Okay not really, but she was close! This is what we sent her mom just to freak her out a little. I drew this on Jac's wrist as a trial run to see how she likes it.

Met some of my very favorite lovelies from Baylor at Fireside Pies in Dallas!
So SO much fun!

LOVE my bestfriend :)
Move to Dallas now, please?

Ladies and Gentlemen I have an announcement:
Christie Lou has not had meat in 4 1/2 years until
She had crab and LOVED IT!!!

The morning we had to part ways :(

A wonderful weekend surrounded by wonderful people...


  1. this makes me sad...because I never get to see you :( Oh, and the Jac tat isn't bad. And, not only will your wrist not stretch when your preggers but also I don't think they get saggy and wrinkly when you're old...maybe if you're REALLY old!

  2. Jac --- good girl for not caving. Ashley is obviously not worried about freaking her Mom out! ha