Monday, February 28, 2011

Living up to the Wanderlust name!

#1 favorite thing to do of ALL time:


I can't help it. The traveling bug bit me at the ripe age of....uhhh...well I was so young I can't even remember how young I was, so it must have been way young. I was so incredibly blessed that my parents allowed me to go anywhere and everywhere that the wind blew me. I always think "Why o Why did I pick an occupation where you don't need to travel at all?!?" So since I didn't pick an occupation where I can feed my traveling urge, I'm going with plan B (which has yet to work out)....marry rich so I don't have to work and I can just travel the world!!!
Don't judge would do it too.

A few weekends ago was Dallas. One word - amazing. The weekend after that my brother and I joined my dad in Sin City! Lets just say there were some beyond awkward moments. O don't you fret - you will hear all about it.

On Friday night I arrived in Dallas around 8:30 to a welcoming crew who had started drinking the moment they boarded the plane from Dallas. Wonderful. They both tried to play it off but genetics are cruel and you could spy their rosy colored cheeks from across the airport!

Once we got to the hotel we had a fabulous dinner at a placed called the Red Door (or something to that effect) and then went to the House of Blues. Now this was by far Adam's highlight of the entire trip! We saw Steel Panther, which is an 80's Hair Band Cover Group. He literally did not shut up the entire weekend about feeling like this was his calling. Lets hope thats not true. Had I been with anyone other than family this might have been an enjoyable experience. But they really liked to talk about the P word....and the D word....and what the D word would do to the P word....Okay okay you get my drift.

Adam and his future calling the concert.
Ready for awkward moment numero dos?!? That would be our lovely next door neighbors that felt the need to broadcast their sexcapades from 3:00 - 5:00 in the morning! We all pretended to sleep because we didn't want to acknowledge the fact that we knew what was going on. And we were also toying with calling the police because it literally sounded like she was dying/crying/laughing/hurting/etc. Awkward.

Below is just one of the shots from our frequent photo shoots. Adam called this
"Black Swan"
Myself - the movie was creepy
Adam - LOVED the movie & super excited
Dad - hadn't seen the movie so he was looking for it

The GQ men before we went to the Cirque show LOVE, which I LOVED!!!
(Side note: if you do go to Vegas, I would recommend the Cirque show KA - it's beyond incredible and action packed)

On Sunday we went to an Indoor Sky Diving place. AMAZING!
We don't have any pictures from that (rats!), but I have to say we were pros!

Sunday night we went to the Cirque show Zumanity.
WARNING: Never EVER go to this with your family members.
Here is a brief preview: Your MC is a tranny (who was hilarious and I loved), you see so many body parts that you actually forget that you're seeing body parts, there is a flying midget (also a highlight), but the noises....o the noises are the worst part! Lets just say you could listen to what was going on and know EXACTLY what was going on. Ewww....

Later Sunday night the boys and I went to New York New York which was great fun. This might be my favorite part of the trip. Let me preface this story with the fact that Adam HATES roller coasters and heights. Well I was dying to go on the New York New York roller coaster and as a joke I asked Adam & dad to go on it. Without hesitation Adam said yes! I was shocked. I figured it was the alcohol that was giving him a brave buzz but I wasn't going to fight it. We got into the seats and began the ascent to the first big dive...

Adam: Holy Explicative....THIS IS A REAL ROLLER COASTER!!!!
Ash: What?!? Of course it is!
Adam: What the explicative...explicative....explicative....etc.

Turns out he saw a dinky roller coaster going throughout the casino that just takes people on little tours. He had no idea there was a real one! Turned out he loved it once it was all said and done. So worth it.

So clearly what happens in Vegas does not stay there and maybe it should, but I have a big mouth and thought you all should know. So there.

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  1. OMG! I am so jealous right now, I love Vegas. How many Cirque shows did you see?! Pack me in the suitcase next time!