Sunday, March 27, 2011

BIG Decisions....I don't like them

Ugh...I hate making decisions.

I am a very indecisive person...ask anyone. Where do you want to go to dinner? I don't care. What movie do you want to see? I don't care. What do you want to do tonight? I don't care. And the thing is I REALLY DON'T CARE! I just go with the flow.

My internship is over this month and I had made the decision a few months back that I wanted to leave Amarillo and get closer to home. Everyone knows job hunting is no fun. So I began that process. I'm trying to figure out the things I "want", but none of them seem to fit together. I "want" to live by my mom. I "want" to work in a rehab. I "want" to live by my best friend Jaclyn. The only problem is all 3 of those options are in completely different cities.

And then once I start looking elsewhere, I realize I've really grown quite attached to where I'm at. Amarillo I could live without. The hospital I work at and the people I work with will be quite hard to live without. Now I don't "want" to leave them. So add that to the "want/don't want" list.

And trust me...I've prayed, and prayed, and prayed...and prayed some more about this. And really the biggest feeling I've gotten about accepting a job has been "I don't care". Thats not the feeling you want when you're making a huge life changing decision! So I have to make a decision by tomorrow and I'm hoping my "I don't care" attitude will change and the decision God wants me to make will become clear. To take the job or not take the job...THAT is the question!

Does anyone want to decided for me?!?


  1. I can't help you dear. I am so sorry! Go with your gut...that's usually God.

  2. Sorry I can't decide for you but I know you will make the right decision. I agree with Em, go with your gut and don't second guess that.

  3. I'll decide for you! Stay in Amarillo, and I will come back! We will find a lovely little home and all will be the way it should be!

  4. Selfishly, I, of course, would like you to move back to T-Town; however, I also love you and want you to be happy. If that means staying in Amarillo or moving somewhere else, then that's what you have to do for YOU. Obviously, I'm having a weak moment so you might have to remind me of this very noble & selfless comment!!!