Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm Back!

So I've returned to my wonderful hometown...

I never thought I would miss Tulsa as much as I did. It's a wonderful place and it is home. It's great to be back around friends and family and just in time for Fall! The weather has been amazing ever since I came home. We have been blessed with storms and crisp, Fall weather. Add a Pumpkin Spice Latte and I am good to go!

I already miss Amarillo and the hospital. I have to get back into the medical setting! I'm going a little crazy...and it's been only 3 weeks. I'm currently a speech pathologist at a pediatric private practice in Owasso and the kids are great, but I really really miss my adults! I miss being able to work with pediatrics and adults - inpatients and outpatients. You can NEVER EVER be bored with all that going on!

I have made one goal since moving home (this is the millionth time I've set this goal) learn how to cook! I know, I're thinking this is an impossible feat and you might be right. But so far so good. I immediately went out and purchased a REAL cook book!
And I'm obsessed with her. 60% because she is from Oklahoma, 40% because she is straight up the bomb. I'm only on week #2 of cooking but I'm 2 for 2 right now. Pretty sure the rents wouldn't tell me if it was bad. They don't want to deter me from this challenge!

Week #1:
This dish is the super amazing and it gets better as you re-heat it. Pretty sure my step dad lived off of it for a few days...but that must mean its good, right?!?

(Mine was not nearly this pretty, but it was sure delicious!)

I actually hate cooked apples. Well...I thought I did, until I had this. O my it is wonderful. And nutritious...well kinda. Come on it has apples in it!

Week #2
(Not gonna lie...I bought Pillsbury pizza crust. Don't judge me.)
This was great and for some reasons my calzones were ginormous (yes thats a word). This was great for dinner, but even better for breakfast! It's like super awesome sausage roles.

Hopefully this week I'll be 3 for 3!

One Side Note:
How about those Bears?!? Ranked 15!!!
Sic 'Em!!!


  1. This was my first scratch pie, it turned out fabulously. I made a few changes: I used the recipe for Paula Deen pie crust. I added an egg wash and a mixture of cinnamon / sugar over the past 15 minutes. I do not use grains of paradise.
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  2. love you, love you, love you! Thanks for finally posting!