Sunday, May 1, 2011

Random Smorgasbord of Sorts

Things I'm lovin at this moment...but hey it could change in a matter of seconds

My Scentsy Scents...O my goodness I'm obsessed.
My favorite scents are boy smells (go ahead and crack the single girl jokes....I can take it!).
Here are my top favs:
1. My Dear Watson
2. Simply Irresistible

*And I love this adorable warmer

My sweet friend Christie has opened my world to God's gift to organizationally psychotic people. The MAC 15-set palate. O my goodness gracious it's the best thing ever. I have officially filled up 2 palates and working on a 3rd. And they're only $10 at MAC stores. Now you can't get them from the MACs inside of Dillards. I know, bummer right?
And if you drop it....then...okay just don't drop it. I can't bare tell you what happens.
It's horrific.

For Easter I made my mom a Creepy C.D. b/c we both LOVE eerie songs.
Here are some of the best songs:
1. Hawaii by Meiko
2. Strange & Beautiful by Aqualung
3. The Funeral by Band of Horses
4. While You Wait for the Others by Grizzly Bear
5. Like a Song by Lenka
6. The Garden by Mirah
7. John Wayne Gacy, Jr. by Sufjan Stevens
8. Secret by The Pierces
9. Three Wishes by The Pierces
10. Grapevine Fires by Death Cab for Cutie

Just read this book and I'm absolutely in LOVE! Go read it. Seriously....go get it right now. You won't regret it. And come on....there is an Elephant in it! Now what could top that?!? You're right....nothing could.

Some recent CDs I've picked up and did not regret:
1. Vices & Virtues by Panic at the Disco
2. The Clarence Greenwood Recordings by Citizen Cope
3. Fate by Dr. Dog
4. Mine is Yours by Cold War Kids
5. 19 by Adele
6. Lungs by Florence & The Machine
7. Supply & Demand by Amos Lee
8. Crash Kings by Crash Kings
9. Miike Snow by Miike Snow
10. Night Train by Keane

Some recent CDs that I don't fancy as much and
I would NOT recommend buying:
1. My Best Friend is You by Kate Nash
2. Ritual by White Lies
3. High Violet by The National

This was just like Oprah's BIG gift give away episode except you didn't get anything.


  1. Aaaand more proof as to why we are friends:
    1. Can't wait to test out the creepster music..eerie is my fav!
    2. Just downloaded Water for Elephants to my nook a couple days ago and needed some motivation to actually start it...I've been nervous that it will be so slow I can't handle it.
    3. I need to see you. Can we make that happen please?! It's been way WAY too long.
    4. Come back to OK so I can hang out with you whenever. Ok, thanks.

  2. I just saw a picture of you and Em and Jac and Georgia and you are tiny... eat some girl!!!