Monday, May 21, 2012

More Concert Mania!

More Concert Mania!

This weekend was a VERY busy weekend, but O so much fun!  Friday started off with 
Taste of Addison!  Its a huge Food & Music festival that is literally out our front door.  It's a complete blast and the food is pretty amazing too!  

Homemade Ice Cream!  
(Good, but Neema Holden's is still better)

An artist from Oklahoma had a booth with tons of pieces made out of vintage plates.  Jac and I couldn't resist.  She got a Texas, I got the OK and we both got a BU.  
They're amazing.    

If you're interested, let me know and I'll give you his e-mail.  He said he can specially make anything.  

Mom - 
don't you think Adam would LOVE a TCU sign?!?  He told me he would start working on it!  

Bustin out these old boots for the 2x...EVER.  I know what you're thinking..."Who is this cowgirl?!?"  
Calm yourselves. They are pretty cute though I must admit.  
There was a huge concert out on the lawn.  Of course Friday night (the only night we could go) was country night...not my fav, but live music is always great.  We saw Wade Bowen (not terrible) and Casey Donahew Band (a little too country for my liking).  People were all drunkenly two-steppin all over each other.  

(and for you crazy people that don't know who I speak of - 

On our way we go!
We thought we would get one good pic in before the humidity took over.  The concert was at the Gexa theatre, which is outside.  It was a great venu and the people watching was amazing! 
All different types, sizes and ages attend DMB with 
one thing in common: 
they're all high 
(well not us of course).  
Lets just say there were some funky smelling stinks wafting around that place!

Loving EVERY minute of it!

So sad to see Dave go.

And a special treat for you....
Miss Ruby Rumble!
(middle name in honor of my wonderful OKC Thunder!)

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  1. Love the signs! I need his email ASAP to get a BU sign done... and of course can't leave Paul out, so I might have to get a UH one too!

    Go Thunder! Love me some Durant... yes, I like a team that is not from Texas.