Monday, March 1, 2010

The Curse has been BROKEN!!!

This weekend I ventured down to Waco for one of my very favorite Baylor events of the year - SING!!! For those of you that don't know what it is, SING is one of the biggest off-broadway productions in the nation. It's kind of a big deal. It is 4 hours, yes you read that right, of jam packed performances by 18 - 20 groups. All of the groups are fraternities or sororities with the exception of one group. Believe it or not the fraternities get into it more than anyone! Sing is very, VERY serious in the BU bubble and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears are poured into the performances. The practices start the week the students return from Christmas Break and each night they spend about 2 hours practicing and continue until the last 2 weekends in February. SING is the reason I even joined a sorority in the first place. Every group performs in hopes that they will make Pigskin, which is a performance in the Fall of the top 10 performances from SING the previous year. It's a very big deal! One of my dearest friends was a Sing Chair this year so I wanted them to make Pigskin even more than usual.

This year Theta's theme was "Ring by Spring" which is taken all too seriously by most BU girls! Every girl seems to come to Baylor in hopes that she will receive that big ole' fat engagement ring by spring of her senior year. The performance was full of giddy girls and even included Tiffany's ring boxes dancing around the stage. Absolutely hilarious! To bring you up to speed on the curse - Theta has not made it to Pigskin since my sophomore year (2006) so it was definitely time. This year the curse was broken and Theta made it! I know you all are jumping up and down. Try to compose yourselves geez.

Aren't they adorable?!?

Here's a little flashback to give you a real good laugh!

Senior Year (2008) - Blues Theme

Junior Year (2007) - Baking Theme

And the greatest of them all Sophomore year (2006) - Mad About You!

Feel free to make's okay.


  1. ugh...sing! The one time I did it was THE worst decision of my life! But, I did get to hang out with you ;)

  2. That looks so fun!!

    And your music thing is playing Stay or Leave, and that makes me happy. Love this song.