Saturday, March 27, 2010

SB 2010!

So this year I had my final spring break and I decided to take my one and only spring break trip. It was a good decision indeed! We had a blast and relived being college kids. Everyone should take a Spring Break whether they have one or not. It's like a nice gift to the soul. I'm pretty sure your soul will thank you in the end.

We drove (yes, we drove) for 13.5 hours to Pensacola, FL on Monday. Surprisingly the trip wasn't too bad. We saw a lot of states I have never been to and sang some pretty amazing songs on the way. A little NSYNC (No Strings Attached of course!) and Boys II Men can really help pass the time. O and don't forget your Disney songs. Little Mermaid anyone? I also love how you can put a really old song on and you can't really remember what the song is, yet you know every single word to it. And possibly you're a little embarassed that you know all the words so you try to hide the fact that you're singing, but you look over to your passenger and realize they know all the words as well. Those are nice moments! Or those songs that immediately take you back to a certain time of your life. My favorites are the songs that take me back to when I was 16 and first started driving....kinda gives me the warm fuzzies all over.
A little view out the back of the house.
So what do girls do immediately when they get to the beach?!? Go lay out of course! It was a wee bit chilly so we really should have just admired the beauty from indoors, but we didn't. Hey, it's not like we have a beach in Oklahoma! Give me a break.

What you should do when it's too cold to go outside and you happen to be three girls is put on silly make-up for St. Patty's day! AND pose like Charlie's Angels!!! O took us way too long to get this down, but in the end it was accomplished. Good thing the boys weren't here yet.

The boys joined us on Thursday and we were so glad they did! They were a nice spice added to the mix. My highlight (sadly enough) was Steven allowing Laci and myself to build him into a sand Steven. I was hysterically laughing throughout the whole thing. It took a whole lot of effort that I wasn't planning on exerting throughout any part of spring break, but I'm glad we did. He even has a built in cup holder! P.S. Is it sad that I was unbelievably sore after building my masterpiece?!?

This is one of the nights we went out with everyone. Sadly enough we never got a group photo - BIG regret. Another BIG regret...not wearing sunscreen. Ouch. Obviously the sun came out in full force the rest of the days we were there, which was lovely. Leaving was rough and knowing I was coming home to a snowy Oklahoma made it even more difficult. I mean really...I was laying out one day and then trekking through the snow the next. Not cool mother nature, not cool.


  1. am I allowed to say that you look HOT in the last photo! way to go you! I need some hot in my life right about now!

  2. I totally wanna go on a road trip with you now. You have awesome taste in music!!