Monday, June 28, 2010

One week down, many more to go

The last few weeks I've had to make some pretty huge decisions. Up until now I mostly had my choices made for me or I was given just a few options to pick from. Man those were the days! My two biggest decisions were where to go for college and graduate school. I remember at the time I thought those were the biggest decisions ever. Yeah I thought wrong.

Over the last few weeks (well months really) I had to really figure out what I wanted, needed, and what is really most important to me. Sure I "wanted" to move to Chicago, but what you want isn't always what you need (I can hear my dad's voice in the back of my head). My next idea was "wanting" to live in Tulsa, Dallas, or Pensacola where I didn't have to pay rent for a year. Saving up money sounded like the grown up thing to do! I then realized I had to be mature (ugh such an ugly word) and figure out the difference between what I wanted and needed. I came to the conclusion that I "needed" to find a job where I could get the most quality experience and really push myself to learn as much as possible, even if that meant moving away to a small town away from your family and friends (dagger to the heart - okay I'm a little melodramatic).

So this brings me to the present. I have found an incredible hospital where I get to learn a million new things each day. I've officially spent an entire week there so far and yes I am so overwhelmed, but at the same time I am learning more then I could have ever expected. Moving to a small town has given me the opportunity to work with all types of patients in many different settings, such as the precious sickly newbies in the NICU, patients in the ICU, pediatrics, outpatient, etc. Literally every single wing, every single floor, babies through geriatrics - I'll get to work with it all! It's so exciting and unbelievably scary at the same time, but every day I leave feeling good knowing that I learned something I didn't know before.

Moral of the story : Maybe God's plans don't match your plans. If given the choice, I would go with His. He kinda knows what He is doing. He is kind of a BIG deal.


  1. Good moral! It kinda sucks growing up doesn't it? It gets better and you really learn a lot about yourself and life in general. Being a grown up also has brought me closer to God because I know His plan isn't always what I want but it is what I need. He always knows what he is doing!

  2. this post sounds exactly like what was going through my head when i had to make the decision to move to amarillo. it such was a difficult thing to do, but i think it will be so worth it. and i'm SOOO glad that we'll be able to go through the next year together!