Tuesday, June 1, 2010

SLP Class of 2010!

Whoever said "time flies" didn't go to graduate school. On June 15th, 2010, I officially graduated with my masters in speech-language pathology. That morning I woke up and seriously contemplated not going to graduation. I didn't think the rents would mind because they have been to a total of 5 of my graduations already. What's one more really gonna do? Well clearly once I spoke with them that was not an option. So I threw on a dress, put on some sassy shoes, and added a few false lashes for sparkle (o yes....false lashes are God's little gift to us). I made my way to Norman (and somehow managed to get lost) and finally arrived at the correct place. I drug my heels all the way to the ceremony. Seriously why did I even go?!?

I made my way to my seat and above all the noise in that place I could clearly hear my family. No they were not yelling for me....they were yelling at me. I couldn't make out what they were saying and I didn't wear my glasses so I could not figure out what they were pointing at. So I tried shaking my head like I knew what they were talking about....that didn't work. I then tried to ignore them....that didn't work. I even gave them the "sit down and shut up" gesture....nope that didn't work either. So finally I strained really hard to hear my mom/see what the heck she was pointing to. I could have swore I heard her say "Emily", but why the heck would she be saying that? She was pointing to a row of girls, but since I didn't have my glasses trying to make out their faces was pointless. Luckily a gangly looking girl (sorry Em) stood up. I looked at her and then looked at my mom and said "My Emily?!?" And then the water works started. Not only was "my Emily" there, but my other two girls Jaclyn and Megan!!! Somehow these incredible besties of mine were able to keep a huge secret from me for 2 whole months and they drove all the way from Houston & Temple to surprise me! I was absolutely shocked and then I was so SO happy I was graduating! Honestly it was the best graduation I have ever had all because of these three. Love, love, LOVE them so much!
I am so blessed to know these three!
When I was driving to graduation with my family we drove past this fantastic statue of a sphinx/angel/cat/sumo wrestler thingy and I told my brother that I had to have a picture with this amazing piece of art. Then after graduation when I was reuniting with my lovelies what is their first request?!? Taking a picture with this amazing sphinx type statue!!! Seriously is our friendship meant to be or what?


And my wonderful parents who made me go to my graduation! Love you both so SO much!

And now.... NO MORE SCHOOL EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Real World - please be nice to me :)

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