Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just Plain Silly

So I decided this morning to run my first 1/2 marathon. You might be thinking, "Is this girl crazy?!?" I'll answer that for you. Yes. I had planned on doing an awesome 1/2 marathon about this time last year in California (sweetness), but we had some family matters we needed to tend to and my 1/2 marathon dream (or nightmare) was put on hold. So now it's attempt numero 2. I'm pretty sure at this point people are already up to 4-5 miles at least. Well I'm practically starting out at point zero. I'm not a runner. Never have I been a runner. So this will be an interesting few months working my way up to 13.1 miles.

On a side note....how silly is 13.1 miles?!? Does that .1 really make a difference? No it doesn't. It's just plain silly. Silly I tell you!


  1. The .1 is the longest part of the whole damn thing. I'm excited!!

  2. You are nuts but that is why we are friends! Good luck! Jenny is running a half marathon as well, if you need any tips she has been training quite a bit, she might have some ideas.