Monday, August 23, 2010


So mission de-couch the potato has gone surprisingly well! I truly did not think I would be following through with trying to become more active, but indeed I have (granted this is only the second-ish week). It also helped to give myself a goal---If I make it to a size ???, then I get to have a pair of Seven jeans! Never have I ever (still love it) owned a pair of these way-too-expensive-you-could-feed-a-small-nation-and-then-have-some-left-over jeans....but hey it got my booty off the couch so I would say it's way worth it ;)

So how have I started my goal?!? Well first I went to Zumba class last Thursday. O my heavens it was hysterical and awesome all at once! I always thought myself to be talented in the dancing area....well that talent has since left me. I looked so rhythmically challenged! Thats how fun it was. I looked "special" and still had a blast. So 2 thumbs up for Zumba! I think my favorite part was watching 60-something year old women do booty dances. Seriously hy-ster-i-cal.

I cooked last night. And the meat was fully cooked...I think. I made yummy cheesy burritos and they were divine. So divine I had them again tonight. I don't think I've ever made anything divine before. Nor have I wanted to eat it again a second night. Ask's true.

I went to a BodyCombat class tonight. It's like kick boxing, only it also adds karate, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai into the mix. I actually liked this class even better! And if you know me well you know I don't like to do anything....and I mean myself. Well it didn't bother me one bit tonight! THATS how fun the class was. Yeah for reals.

O and one more thing...Happy First Day-O-School to Em and Meg! Hope you survived the little rugrats (or big rugrats in Meg's case).


  1. 1. I love that picture!
    2. I don't think I could go to workout classes by myself. Props to you!
    3. Thanks for the shout out! My day was lovely :)

  2. I love BodyCombat!!! It is one of my favorite classes at Gold's Gym. Once I get done with this exercise thing I'm doing at home, I am getting back to Gold's Gym and BodyCombat!

  3. I'm so proud of you! You should be proud of me too because I'm actually leaving a comment! It's about time - right???? Anyway, you're inspiring me to get more active! Hmmmmmm Something to think about!