Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You can call me Queen...Workout Queen

Okay not quite yet. I have made the first step into working out madness. I....deep breath...have joined a Gym! Yes ladies and those few gents that read this blog - you read that right. I, Ashley Holden, walked into a gym and this is the conversation I had with the cute little trainer man (can you tell I like quoting convos?!?).

Mr. Trainer Man: Hi there! How can I help you?
Workout Queen: Yes I need information on your gym.
Mr. Trainer Man: Yes here you go...blah blah blah....and we wave the membership fee if you work at one of the local hospitals.
Workout Queen: Well it just so happens that I do! Sign me up!
Mr. Trainer Man: Would you like the see the facility first?
Workout Queen: No if I do I might never come back.
Mr. Trainer Man: Okay?
Workout Queen: See if I pay for it first then I HAVE to come back...get it?
Mr. Trainer Man: Interesting theory. Let me know how that works.
Workout Queen: You'll know if it works if you ever see my face in here again.
Never have I ever (I love that game) belonged to a gym. In the 4 years I attended Baylor (Sic 'Em) I went about 4 times....and the 2 years I went to OU (Boomer) I think I went maybe twice. So we're averaging a good ole gym visit once a year. Pretty productive, right? You might ask, "Well Ashley, if you have a completely capable gym at your apartment complex and it's free, then why don't you use it?!?" O silly people, do you really think I've stepped foot over there? No of course not. It is way too close to the comforts of my couch. And like you read in my conversation, if I pay for a gym then I have to use it. It's like guilting myself into working out. Pretty genius really.

This place has wonderful group classes I can take, like kick boxing, Zumba (can't wait for that one....seriously I'm giddy), Yoga, Pilates, etc. So now I just have to go. That will be the toughest part.

In no time you might just mistake me for this hot little piece of tushie


  1. Next time I see you you better be wearing those legs warmers!!

  2. love it! Kickboxing classes are sooooo much fun!
    ps. love that you have been blogging so much more!